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Lorac is a Polish company producing shower drains and decorative radiators.

Our products include:

Our offer includes a number of models of different sizes and designs. We can prepare any pattern and unusual size on a special request.


  • Height of runoff gutter dependent on the length of the drain is from 22 to 28 mm. Height value decreases towards the siphon in order to facilitate the drainage of water from the gutter
  • the height of the siphon 65 mm
  • floor mounting height from 78 mm
  • gutter width of 80 mm
  • length depending on the model 500 to 1100 mm
  • siphon capacity 50l/min
  • siphon has "B" sign
  • siphon complies with PN-EN274-1 of a well-known company McAlpine
  • material: stainless steel Inox 304 drain blend of surgical steel (316L)
  • declaration of conformity of 1/10 of 1.07.2010
  • the product has been tested by the PZH (NIH)
The model is designed for installation with ceramic tile or marble. Fits well into the bathroom space. It is recommended to use it in high-traffic areas such as shops, swimming pools, saunas, public toilets, or SPA.
Simple and elegant panel fits perfectly into any bathroom fittings. Its durability is provided by high quality stainless steel - Inox. The anti-slip surface guarantees total safety.
Greek pattern used in this model will highlight the unusual nature of any bathroom, giving it a specific southern chic.
A unique pattern, symbolizing a swimming dolphin, available only at Lorac. We ensure that bathing in the bathroom stylized this way will make a lot more fun for adults and children.
This model represents a geometrical design at the highest level. Lines of irregular length, arranged in a repeating pattern, will delight even the most demanding customer.
A drain filled with glass is a novelty, first introduced by Lorac. Tempered glass is a guarantee of security and top-design. Elegance, chic and grace are terms that perfectly describe this product.
Instrukcja montażu w formacie PDFInstallation instruction in PDF Instrukcja montażu - filmInstallation instruction - video

An ideal technical solution for mounting in corners of the showers, toilets, swimming pools and spas. The triangular shape easily fits into the space of sanitary facilities, providing a discrete drain system solution. The product is made of high quality stainless steel, for which the manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty. As in our other drains, the decorative blend is made of surgical steel.


  • Drainage gutter height is 2.8 mm
  • Floor mounting height of 85 mm
  • Siphon height 65 mm
  • Dimensions 250x250x350 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel - INOX - 304 - drain blend of stainless steel (316L)
  • Siphon capacity 50l/min
  • Siphon complies with PN-EN274-1 of a well-known company McAlpine
  • Siphon has the "B" sign
  • Declaration of conformity of 1/10 of 1.07.2010
  • The product has been tested by the PZH (NIH)
The model is designed for installation with ceramic tile or marble.
Installation instruction in PDFInstallation instruction in PDF

With a view to providing our customers with the best design and innovation in the field of interior design, Lorac has created a line of functional radiators with a glass plate under the brand Lorac Term. Thanks to its rich finishes and colors, ensuring a harmony with the interior, they bring a cozy atmosphere and a touch of luxury at the same time. Lorac Term radiators are designed for people who appreciate not only the highest quality and reliability, but when choosing are also guided by aesthetics. Decorative radiator is in fact an elegant product for special customers.

What makes OUR radiator DIFFERENT

  • Any colors to RAL of the radiator plate (standard colors: white, black, red)
  • Possible mirror installation
  • Various types of graphical board finishing
  • Glass decoration allows to write on it with markers
  • Possible electric heater installation


  • Power(W): 90/70/20 C - 687 W/li>
  • Power(W): 75/65/20 C - 545 W
  • Connection spacing 45 mm
  • Connection type: Bottom, Cross
  • Working pressure: up to 1 MPa
  • Operating temperature: up to 95 C
  • Height: 122 cm
  • Width: 53 cm
  • Depth: 9 cm
  • Glass thickness: 7 mm
  • Weight approx. 25 kg
  • Material:
    • Radiator - low carbon steel, alloy
    • Decorative blend - toughened glass
  • The product is available in standard colors: black, white and red
  • The product has been tested by the PZH (NIH)
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